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Website Terms and Conditions

The use of the Resource website (this "Website") and the sale/release of products and services offered on this Website are governed by the terms and conditions set forth below. Your use of this Website in any manner, whether browsing, activating an account with us or placing an order, constitutes your acknowledgement that you have read the Terms and Conditions and that you agree to follow and be bound by them. The Shamrock Companies reserves the right to modify or change the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to you. Therefore, we recommend that you please read them carefully each time you use this Website.

Usage Restrictions

You may access and view the Content (as defined below) appearing on this Website for personal, non-commercial use only. You may download and/or copy certain portions of the Content for personal, non-commercial use only, provided that you (a) retain all copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices contained on the Content, (b) do not modify or alter the Content in any way and (c) do not make the Content available to any third party. The Shamrock Companies reserves complete title and full intellectual property rights in any Content that you download from this Website.

Shipping Terms

The Shamrock Companies works directly with your Company to determine the best method of shipping your product to you. Based upon direction of your company administrator you may see one or more choices in shipping type. The actual carrier chosen is by pre-agreement with your company and may use your Company’s third party carrier account. Your Company and The Shamrock Companies have also pre-determined the allocation of this cost. Contact your Administrator for contract specifics.

Standard indicates a 3 to 5 day ground shipment

Second Day indicates a two day shipment

Priority indicates an overnight shipment

If you need any specific method of shipment please indicate this on the order notes, your Customer Service Representative will contact you if needed.

Orders received after 2:30 pm EST will not be able to ship until the next business day.

You agree to use this Website only for lawful purposes. The following activities are strictly prohibited: (i) misrepresenting the identity of a user; (ii) tampering with this Website; and (iii) conducting fraudulent activities.


If you need return an order, contact your customer service representative (found listed on the home page). Your customer service representative to determine the necessary process to return, exchange or refund any of the products released by the Shamrock Companies. Return policies are by contract with your company, and may include restocking fees.

Cancellations Process

If you need to cancel an order once it has been submitted, contact your customer service representative (found on the home page).

To check on-line: click on the "Order Status" tab when logged into Resource (this web portal). Orders with a status of shipped cannot be cancelled. Your customer service representative will be able to help with determining the best method of reversing the order.

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